Monday Makes – Craft Bits

Here at Hartburn Village WI, we like to cater to everyone, so for this week’s Monday Makes, we’ve decided to share another of our favourite sites with a variety of crafts. At, you will find hundreds upon hundreds of projects and ideas that you might even get a little carried away. With something for everyone, we certainly recommend giving this site a look.

What we love best about Craft Bits is the ease of the navigation, meaning that anyone can find something great to create. As you scroll down the site, you’ll see a list of sections on the left of all the different types of crafts available. There are specific crafts, like knitting,
paper craft, or jewellery making, but there are 20160121_104044also sections based on different occasions and types of crafter, like Valentine’s, group crafts, Halloween and crafts with kids. There are thousands of projects to choose from, and we know that we could spend a whole afternoon just flicking endlessly through all of them! And what makes thousands of projects even better? They’re all totally free, with no sign up needed.

If there was something specific you were looking for though, whether it’s something simple like “basic crochet pattern” to something a bit more exact, like “socks,” you can use the search bar at the top of the page to find projects. Just type in what you’d like, hit enter and the site will pull in all of the relevant crafts for you! Each of them will include a list of the materials and mediums you need, as well as printable patterns, diagrams and nets so that you get the best out of your project.

evergreen-wreathOne section that really sets this site apart from others is the recycled crafts section. As you all know, one of the goals from the National Federation of Women’s Institutes is to reduce
waste, and using your crafty leftovers is a great way to contribute to this. Craft Bits has so many amazing ways to use up scraps of fabric, wool and paper among others, with the results guaranteed to turn out superb. This recycled sweet wrapper purse would make an amazing gift for a child, or for something a bit more show-stopping, take a look at this rug made from rags.

Although you don’t need to be a member of the site to access the free craft ideas, if you do sign up, you’ll be able to enter the competitions. There are contests uploaded regularly to win things such as kits, fabrics, vouchers and more! If you’re a crafter and love a competition, this definitely has your name written all over it!

To see more from Craft Bits, you can take a look at their Facebook page, and also follow them on Twitter!

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