Monday Makes – Cake Central

Today, we’re taking the crafts to the kitchen with Cake Central, where you’ll find all things baking and decorating! There’s so many amazing creations to see, with over 42,000 pages in the gallery, and plenty of helpful posts to read. If you’re looking for intricate icing designs, yummy recipes or a whole community dedicated to cake, this site is right up your street.

Cake Central is extremely easy to navigate, with every tab you need provided at the top of the page. The first is recipes, and here, you will find over 440 pages worth of articles showing you to bake cakes and biscuits, as well as icing and fillings. There’s fudge, tarts, pies, meringues and even milkshakes. You name it, they’ve got a recipe for it! However, as450x260_lemon-chiffon-cake-1128-z0La this is an American site, many of the recipes feature cup measurements, so if you have cup measuring spoons, then you’re set to go! Otherwise, some conversion will be needed. Don’t be put off by this though, as many use ounces, like this beautiful orange chocolate mousse. There really is at least one recipe for everyone on here, whether you’re a cake person or you tend to go for something different, like churros  or whoopie pies. They cater to all dietary needs too, like with this dairy-free chocolate cake or this vegan vanilla frosting. We could quite easily scroll through the pages in the recipe section all day, with our shopping list growing and our tummies rumbling. If there was something in particular that you were looking for, you can always use the handy search bar at the top of the page to help.

ecp-large-bollywoodtutorial_p1142177jpg-450x600If you’re not interested in the baking side of things, but really want to look at improving your decorating skills, the tutorials tab is the place for you. It’s packed full of blog posts on icing techniques, cake toppers, stencilling, gumpaste and so much more. We absolutely adore these flower pot cakes and these incredible cookie tiaras. Each post is very informative and written in an easy-to-follow way, making it simple for you to achieve the look you have in mind. Even if you’re not interested in decorating, this tab is seriously worth a look, just to gaze in awe at all the creations!

The gallery is another tab that we could find ourselves scrolling through, staring at all the fabulous work from2014-11-26_1432 people around the world. This is the place where members can upload images of their creations for everyone else to see and comment on. If you’d like to upload your own, you can become a member by clicking here. Otherwise, you can flick through the 42,000+ (and counting) pages and soak in the beauty. This vintage map cake is definitely our favourite so far! Members are also able to chat in the forums, which been split into sections so that it’s super easy for you to find like-minded people.

We could spend an entire day looking through Cake Central, and we’re pretty sure plenty of you could too! If you want to create a showstopping cake for a party or competition, this is the place to go. Or if you’re looking for ideas on what to bake for the next cake sale, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. For more from Cake Central, take a look at their Facebook page.

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