Monday Makes – Craft Gawker

If you’re someone that is just stuck for inspiration or really enjoys flicking through pictures of other people’s crafts, Craft Gawker is definitely the site for you. It lives up to its tagline, “look to inspire,” with its endless pages of professional, colourful photos, easy layout, and simple navigation. Why not take a look to find your next creative project?

399087aSo, the first thing you’ll probably notice when you open the site is the layout. The projects are organised into a grid, giving the site a very clean appearance and making the projects easy to look at. If you’re familiar with Pinterest, this site is very similar in the way the pages are organised. Because of this neat layout, its really easy to find yourself scrolling through the site, soaking in all of the crafty goodness. It also seems that pretty much all of these projects are free to access, with many being posted by bloggers. All you have to do is click on the image of the project you would like to see and it will open a new window for you. This will have the original project on it, with all of the instructions, ingredients and diagrams you may need!

When you first visit the homepage, the posts will appear with the most recently added project first. If you’d like to, you can change it so you see the most favourited posts, the most gawked, or you can have luck of the draw and go for the random option. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to see at least one thing within the 396628first couple of rows of posts that interests you!

Craft Gawker also gives you the option to filter posts based on the type of craft you’re looking for. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the ‘categories’ button at the top of the page, and select what you’d like to see. There is all sorts, from needlecraft and knitting, to more unusual crafts like pottery and glass. There is even a whole section filled with beautiful creations centred around upcycling, which is perfect if you’ve got some old craft bits lying around or if you’re wanting to transform an otherwise plain object.

399664With so many amazing crafts, it can be easy to lose ones you particularly like in amongst all the rest, but this is where the sites handy ‘favourites‘ feature comes in. If there’s something you’d love to make, but there are a few bits and bobs you need to get for it, you can hover over the image and click the little heart button to save it. You will be asked to log in, but you’ll have to click the ‘register’ button at the top of the pop up before you can do that. By making an account, you will be able to save as many projects as you like and view them via the ‘favourites’ button. You can also add comments on to them and tag them, so that they can be sorted for your convenience.

Craft Gawker is an ideal all-rounder site, that caters to people of all ages and all crafting abilities. There are many other sites in the Gawker brand, like Food Gawker (don’t click that link if you’re hungry), for recipes and food inspiration, and Dwelling Gawker, for home style inspiration. But if you’re looking for more from Craft Gawker, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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