Monday Makes – Nifty

We’ve got something slightly different to share with you this week. Instead of talking about one of our favourite craft sites, we’re going to be telling you all about a Facebook page! Nifty is a page that shares short craft videos and DIYs, and it is part of the massive powerhouse that is Buzzfeed, the Internet media company. They post all sorts of crafts for all times of the year, so it is definitely worth checking out! Over 13 million people can’t be wrong.


As this is a Facebook page, it is equipped with the endless scrolling feature, which means that you don’t have to flick through pages and pages of posts. All you have to do is just scroll straight down the feed, and each post will load up for you. With each video being extremely short, with some only running for around 30 seconds, it is very easy to find yourself viewing videos from months ago.

Something that you may find a little annoying is that isn’t very easy to find something specific. There is a search feature in the left-hand column of the page, but you need to be extremely specific with what you want to find. There are no split sections, so you can’t just type in ‘sewing’, for example, and expect results. However, as we previously said, it’s so 13592796_1725990574322334_7409704235564540095_neasy to sucked into just scrolling and watching the short videos that you’re guaranteed to find something that takes your fancy. We love these quirky, slanted planters that we found by just scrolling through!

If you don’t like the idea of watching videos, Nifty have a site where you can find all of their posts in text form, complete with ‘what you need’ lists and instructions. If you do watch the videos on the Facebook page, there will be a link provided in the comments section to the text instructions so that you can follow along at home. This is extremely useful as you can have both the visual guide and the written guide at the same time!

Nifty has over 13 million likes, so they’re definitely doing something right! We absolutely love watching their videos and we actually share the odd one or two on our own Facebook page. We’re certain you’ll find something you’ll want to create, so be sure to check them out!

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