A terrific trip to Tennants


A fabulous day was had by all on our trip to Tennants! There was food, laughter, interesting talks and plenty to see and do.

We started the day with a very welcome warm drink and some shortbread. This was followed by a talk on the history of the Tennant family and business from the proprietor, Rodney Tennant, himself! He made this talk very interesting and informative, as well as amusing, and we all agreed that we could’ve listened to him talk for much longer. He stayed with us all day, including during afternoon tea and lunch, which was up next! It was a two-course lunch, which was very tasty, and we had the chance to chat with Rodney a little more whilst we ate.

After we had eaten, we were given a tour of the new building, and this included the viewing of the sales rooms. We all had a good look at the lots, and many were met with cries of “I remember that!” or “we used to have some of those!” We were then shown the very impressive corporate/hospitality suites before having some time to browse the gift shop. At the end of the trip, we were treated to a mini afternoon tea, which was very generous as we were only expecting a tea or coffee!

It was such a memorable day, and all of our members thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If you’d like to join us on our next trip, please take a look at our What’s On page to see what we’ve got planned, or you can contact us.

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