Adult dancercise at Preston Park

If you’ve been inspired by all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming WI Sports Week, maybe you’re looking to try something new?

Have you ever heard of dancercise? We hadn’t either! But if you love to dance, you’re sure to really enjoy yourself at these sessions. Following an instructor, you will learn easy and exciting dance exercise routines that have been designed to give you a full body workout. With music ranging from pop to country, jazz to bhangra, these sessions will definitely be full of rhythm and energy.

The sessions will be held weekly, with the first starting on Wednesday 7th of September from 1pm-2pm. It will take place in the music room inside Preston Park Museum, and costs only £2.50 per person. For more info, please click here. It will certainly be something different to try if you’re looking to get a little more active, and would make a great story to contribute to the NFWI Sports Week project! For more info on that, click here.

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