Monday Makes – Missouri Star Quilt Company

This weeks Monday Makes is very different to the others we have posted. We’ve mainly covered websites and blogs, but we were still yet to take a look at YouTube. So today, we’re sharing one of our favourite YouTube channels, Missouri Star Quilt Company. If you love quilting and easy-to-follow videos, then this is definitely the channel for you!

jennyAs you’ve probably already guessed, the main way that this channel communicates to its audience is through videos. This allows you to see what kind of things you’ll need, how the finished product will look and give you something to follow along to. The main face of the videos, Jenny, is absolutely wonderful, and you’ll warm to her and enthusiasm in next to no time.

baby kissesThere is so much variety in the types of videos that MSQC produce, so you’ll never be short of things to make! There are longer videos, that are between 5-25 minutes each, which show you how to create full projects in a follow-along style. For example, take a look at this video on the Attic Windows Quilt. Jenny talks you through how much fabric you need, how to measure and cut, and you’re left with a piece that would make the perfect winter wall hanging! You may find that some parts of these longer videos are sped up, but you can easily pause them by just clicking on the video box itself.

cutThere are also much shorter videos that are usually under a minute called Quilt Snips. These videos don’t feature Jenny, but a pair of hands quickly showing you how to create easy blocks. There are no vocal instructions, as they are all written very simply over the video. Take a look at this Jack and Jill Quilt Snips video to get a better idea. Again, if you’re following along with the video, you can easily pause it so that you can catch up.

cutIf you’re looking to create more than just a blanket or a wall hanging, there are videos that show you how to do so, like this one for a Sewing Machine Cover. There are less of these types of videos compared to the others, but by scrolling through their extensive list of videos, you should find some! We love this chicken pincushion, and it would make the perfect gift!

If you find yourself a little stuck when quilting along with the videos, the comment sections are usually full of helpful tips from other people that have made these projects. You can see the comment section by clicking on the video that you want, and scrolling down to the bottom of the screen. You will see tons of comments from people all around the world, and some comments from MSQC themselves, offering hints and tips for that specific project.

The Missouri Star Quilt Company YouTube channel is an absolute must for all quilting lovers, so take a look today! They also have a shop, which is unfortunately all in dollars, but it doesn’t harm to look, right? To see more from them, you can like their Facebook page or even take a peek at their Instagram feed, for the ultimate in quilting inspiration.

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