Stockton Borough Twiddlemuff project

People with dementia often have restless hands and like to have something to keep them occupied. This is why Stockton Borough libraries have teamed up with the Dementia LiveWell Hub to launch a brand new project. If you are a keen knitter, this is something that would be perfect for you.

So have you ever heard of a twiddlemuff? They are a knitted muff with items attached, like textured ribbon, lace, flowers or various fabrics, both inside and outside. They provide a wonderful source of visual and sensory stimulation whilst keeping the hands warm at the same time. They are also great for covering a cannula, to stop dementia patients from ‘twiddling’ them instead.

As part of this project, Stockton Borough libraries are hoping that volunteers will come forward to put their knitting skills to good use and help to create an array of Twiddlemuffs. The project will be launched on the 21st September, World Alzheimer’s Day, to raise awareness of dementia and the local Dementia LiveWell Hub. It will run from September 21st-December 19th, and all twiddlemuffs donated will be sent to local care homes and North Tees Hospital. Completed twiddlemuffs can be handed in to all public libraries in Stockton or to the Dementia LiveWell Hub on Thorndale Road in Thornaby.

How exactly do you make a twiddlemuff? Take a look at these images below for all the instructions you need. (Click them to view full size). Or you can click here to download some instructions.

Please contact Karen Morris on 01642 526518 if you need any further info.

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