Monday Makes – Studio Knit

There are so many amazing emerging crafty YouTubers if you have a good look around, and one that has really caught our attention recently is Studio Knit. Kristen is so passionate about the things she makes that it’s hard not to watch her! Don’t be thrown off by the word “knit” though, as Kristen posts plenty of videos around other crafts too. So if you love knitting or crafting in general, Studio Knit is definitely one to check out.

untitledIf knitting isn’t your thing, you don’t have to worry, as there are plenty of non-knitting videos on the channel. For example, if you like recycling projects, take a look at this reclaimed eyeglass DIY video, which is guaranteed to put a personal spin on your Christmas decorations this year. There is the odd cooking video, like these yummy bacon roses, and a ton of home decor videos, like this string egg bunting, perfect for Easter! Even if you aren’t into knitting, we really recommend having a scroll through the videos because there will surely be something to catch your eye.

untitledBut of course, if you do love knitting, this channel is seriously up your street. Whether you’re looking for projects, tips or just chatty videos about knitting, this channel has it all! In terms of projects, we can’t think of anything that Kristen hasn’t created. We adore this Pantone paint swatch calendar, and couldn’t you just imagine knitting this pumpkin in all different sizes for autumn? It’s so hard for us to pick out our favourite projects of hers, because they’re all so so great, but we are really into all of her seasonal projects right now. But if you’re a total beginner, there are plenty of videos to help you get started, like how to change colours while knitting, tips on casting on, how to purl, and so many more! She untitledmakes it very easy to learn, and each video is quite short, so you know that Kristen gets straight to the point.

While all the projects and videos are absolutely lovely, it’s Kristen’s personality that really pulls everything together. She is so enthusiastic about her work and is infectiously upbeat in every video, that we just can’t help but love her! You can really tell that knitting is something she is passionate about, which helps to make her videos that extra bit more fun to watch. We would love to see her expand and gain more views, and we just can’t wait to see the things she makes next!

Hop on over to Studio Knit to check out Kristen’s work, we know you won’t be disappointed! If you’d like to see more from her, you can check out her Facebook page and her Twitter!

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