October meeting reminder

Don’t forget that the October meeting is coming up! It will be held next Tuesday (4th October) at 7:15pm in All Saints Church. If you’re interested about coming along as a visitor, or joining HVWI, then please see our contacts page.

In the meeting, we will be welcoming Tony Nicholson for the second instalment of Secrets of the Attic. Tony has spent much of his time looking through Victorian photographs and documents that he found in the attic of a house he bought in 1999. By piecing together the people involved in these things and investigating into their lives, he has been able to develop some amazing stories to share with us! It’ll certainly be an interesting one!

The competition for the meeting is “any item – old but not too rusty,” so there is still plenty of time for you to dig around in your attic to find something to bring along. Maybe you’ve got some old war time pieces? Or a piece of genuine Victorian clothing? Or perhaps a priceless antique that you’d like to show off? The possibilities are endless!

We’ll see you there!

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