Monday Makes – Professor Pincushion

Sewing is a craft that has been around for centuries, but it has made its way into the 21st century with a little extra help from Professor Pincushion. Through the detailed videos on her channel and her great social media sites, this lovely lady has revived the art of sewing and shows that it is something anyone can do! If you’re an avid lover of sewing, or are looking to get involved in the craft, Professor Pincushion is the channel for you!

untitledIf you thought that sewing wasn’t for you or that it was too difficult, you can think again! Tova, the lady behind this ever-growing channel, shows that it can be so simple with just a little guidance. If you’re a total beginner, there are plenty of videos that show the absolute basics, like how to sew a chain stitch, how to sew a hem, and how to change a sewing machine needle and foot. Tova has covered the essentials of sewing in great detail, so you have absolutely everything you need to get started!

tovaIf you’re more experienced with sewing and are just looking for some new projects to take on, Professor Pincushion has you covered. She has put together some amazing and unique projects, and there is such a variety to choose from, like this adorable Ancient Egyptian headdress for a small pet! Of course, if cats or small dogs aren’t your thing, then there’s plenty of other things to look at, like this sewing machine cover, or this newborn baby onesie, or this tutu! We could sit and scroll through Tova’s feed forever, and we’re pretty sure that you could do. There’s just so much to look at and to create that you could just never get bored!

bagWhether you’re a beginner or an expert, we definitely recommend checking out Professor Pincushion, even if it’s just to pick up some hints and tips. Tova has a large variety of videos showing you how to do things like fix holes in clothes, change zipper lengths, and sewing with difficult types of material. She has a whole lot of knowledge about sewing, so if you need to know any tricks, she’s your girl!

We absolutely love Tova, and you will too. She is so easy to listen to and her passion for sewing shines through in her voice. She is always so detailed in her instructions, but it’s almost feels as if she is simply talking to a friend! She’s a cheerful woman and her love for what she does is so clear, and it really shows in the things she creates. She’s inspired us to dig through our fabric stash, or maybe just buy more fabric… (if you’re looking for something funny to watch, definitely watch this video about taking your partner to the fabric shop or this one about fabric stashes. We know that some of you will really be able to relate and laugh along!)

If you’d like to see more from Professor Pincushion, you can take a look at her website and even sign up! You can also keep up with her posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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