Monday Makes – Fons & Porter

We’ve got another great channel for the avid quilters today! Fons & Porter is a well-known American quilting magazine, but also have a fabulous YouTube channel that fans can watch too. The wonderful women behind this powerhouse, Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, aim to bring you great ideas, inspiration, projects, tips and techniques. We certainly recommend you take a look!

belleIf you’re a bit more of an experienced quilter, you will absolutely love the videos on this channel. There are so many gorgeous projects that we just know you’ll be itching to start, with plenty of guidance and detail provided. As an example, here is a stunning quilt with unique jigsaw puzzle blocks, which we absolutely love! It would make a gorgeous piece for a kids room. We also adore this Belle Prairie quilt. Just take a look at those colours! You can easily buy the patterns for these projects by clicking the link that pops up on the video, and they are very affordable, so you’ll be quilting away in no time at all.

purpIf you’re a beginner, don’t worry, Fons & Porter also have plenty of videos that will appeal to you! There is so much content about how to get started, and hints on how to get the most out of your quilting experience. Each of the presenters in the videos are super helpful, and go into a lot of detail when demonstrating, so you can easily follow along. The comment sections of the videos are very helpful though, and there are plenty of helpful discussions that you can get involved in. Once you’re feeling a bit more confident, you can move on to looking at projects, like this quilt that features 3-colour hourglass blocks. Or how about this beautiful “layer it up” quilt?

clamNo matter what your level of quilting ability is, there is a lot to be learned from this channel. Whether you’re into hand quilting or using a machine, the Fons & Porter team are loaded up with tips and tricks to help you create gorgeous items every time. Here is a great video on how to make your own quilting patterns, or you take a look at this useful video about cutting fabric strips accurately. There is so much information that you can take away from this channel, and we definitely recommend the Quilty series if you’re looking for tips!

We absolutely love the Fons & Porter team, and we’re sure you will too! They’re such a warm and friendly bunch, and they’re so great at getting at the tiniest of details. If you’d like to see more from them, you can take a look at their popular site. You can also visit their Facebook page and Twitter.

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