Monday Makes – Recycled Bottles Crafts

We’ve got a bit of a different YouTube channel to share with you this week. We all love to be able to reuse and recycle products to make something pretty or useful, and that’s what our chosen channel is all about! Recycled Bottle Crafts is definitely worth looking at if you’ve got a collection of things, not just bottles, that can be turned into something else. With such a huge range of projects to look at, we’re certain you’ll find something you love!

pigsWhat makes Recycled Bottle Crafts so different from many of the other channels we’ve features is that most, if not all, of the projects are made from recycled products. Of course, there are plenty where the main material is plastic bottles, but there are many other recycled items involved on the channel, like loo roll tubes, bottle tops, Q-tips, tissue paper, and so much more! So if you’ve got a ton of bottles, cartons or any other bits that you going to throw away, think again!


This is a great channel if you’re looking for things to do with kids on a wet weekend. There so many things that are so simple to make with few materials needed. For example, take a look at these adorable piggy banks. You don’t need much to make them, and kids will have so much fun decorating them in a way that they love! There is this amazing doll dress that any little girl will love to make and this creepy, glow in the dark spider that would be perfect for this time of the year!

windmillThis channel is run by the wonderful Tatiana, and we’re so impressed by her creativity. The things she does with recycled objects is great and we can’t help but wonder how she imagines them all up! Her videos are also extremely easy to follow and they’re all relatively short, so they’re perfect for watching with a cup of tea. She makes sure to show everything in detail, and her voiceovers are so cheerful. You can really tell that she has a passion for her crafting, which makes her videos even more exciting to watch.

If you’ve fallen in love with Recycled Bottles Crafts as much as we have, you can also take a look at her Facebook page and Twitter. If you’re looking to have a clear out or have collected quite a bit of trash, definitely take a look at this channel, and you could turn your junk into treasures!

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