November meeting reminder

Wow, where has this year gone?! It feels like only yesterday we were reminding you all about the upcoming October meeting!

Novembers meeting will be held on the 1st, which is next Tuesday. We will be welcoming Nona Jenkins, who will giving us a fascinating talk on American quilts, with a particular focus on the Underground Railway, which was the organisation that helped slaves escape from the Southern States of America to freedom. It’s set to be a really interesting evening, and we’re hoping that she’ll bring along some gorgeous quilts for us to look at!

As always, there will be a competition, and this months theme is stars and strips – any medium. If you were feeling crafty, you could take some inspiration from Nona and make a stars and stripes quilt! Or maybe you have some old America memorabilia that you’d like to bring along? Or if you’ve been inspired by the Bake Off, you could have a go at making a cake that shows stars and stripes when you cut into it. The possibilities are endless!

We will also have our Bring & Buy stall set out, so if you have anything you’d like to sell, homemade or not, do bring it along!

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