Monday Makes – Red Ted Art

This week, we’ve got a wonderful, family-friendly YouTube channel to share with you! Red Ted Art has got a ton of projects that are targeted at children, as well as more grown-up ones for teens and tweens. With many made from every day items, you can get crafting straight away with this channel, following along to their great videos!

peasIf you’re looking after little ones on a rainy afternoon, this channel should be your first port of call when it comes to entertaining them. There are a variety of projects that will appeal to children of all ages and experience levels. For example, if you were looking for something quick and easy to make, there are these adorable origami hedgehog bookmarks that are both cute and useful. Or if you were looking for something a little more difficult, you could try these spring egg heads.

leavesBut of course, not all of the projects are for kids, and there are plenty that are aimed at teenagers! If you’d like to encourage your teens to put down their tech for a little while, and create something, there could be the perfect project on the channel. There are these pop tab bracelets that they can easily make in an afternoon, or these sea glass ornaments, which would be great after a trip to the beach.

stonesNot only is Red Ted Art great for youngsters, but they’re amazing for seasonal crafts! There are so many autumnal and Halloween projects on there at the minute, and we just can’t wait to see what they create for Christmas! We love these Jack-O-Lantern lamps, and we’ll definitely be giving them a go next year. There are these gorgeous pine cone hedgehog photo holders that would be great all year round, not just autumn. So if you’re one of those people that decorates depending on the season, or if you’re going to host a party for a holiday, this channel has got a bunch of projects that would be perfect for you!

What we really love about Red Ted Art is how down-to-earth their videos are. They aren’t some high production, blockbuster movie-style videos, they’re just good old-fashioned DIY goodness. It really makes the lovely lady that runs the channel very relatable and friendly. She is an absolute joy to watch, and we’ll never get tired of her enthusiasm.

We really recommend you take a look at Red Ted Art, especially if you have youngsters. If you’d like to see more, you can take a look at their website or their Facebook page.


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