Monday Makes – The House That Lars Built

This week, we’ve got an absolutely beautiful blog and YouTube channel to share with you. If you love to read and see stunning photos, you can take a look at The House That Lars Built blog, but they also have an incredible YouTube channel that’s packed full of crafts and tips. Both of these platforms are definitely worth a look if you love beautiful colours and projects for all year round!

get-away-care-paper-garland-swag-10So let’s start with the blog, shall we? First of all, we absolutely love the lemon layout and the clean, white background. It really makes the photos pop, which are all taken beautifully and the colours are just out of this world! Second of all, there is just so much to read that you could spend an entire day just scrolling through. Every post is written so well and in such a friendly way that you can’t help but get sucked in. Of course, there are plenty of craft projects, but there are also posts on food, style, and life, so if you weren’t that interested in crafting, you’ll have a range of other posts to read. This post on the new green sofa is making us want to redecorate our living room completely!

diy-flower-head-planter-for-flowersBut Monday Makes is all about crafting, so I bet you’re all wondering what sort of projects you can find on THTLB. Well, there is something for everyone! There are an abundance of paper crafts, lots of fabric-based pieces, and even the odd gardening one. There are so many other crafting categories that they cover, so we definitely recommend you take a look through the Projects section of the blog. We absolutely love this watermelon picnic blanket, and these DIY gingerbread house gift boxes will be perfect for Christmas!

gingerbread-house-gift-boxAnd that moves us on nicely to the YouTube channel, as you can find a video tutorial on how to make those gift boxes. The channel is quite closely linked to the blog, so if you see a project that you love on the blog, there may be a video to go alongside it. While the instructions on the blog are really great and very thorough, watching someone else make the item with spoken instructions definitely helps to give a better idea of how to create. We wish we’d discovered this channel sooner, because how beautiful is this paper leaf autumn garland? It would look gorgeous along our stair bannister.

cardboard-cacti-copyNot only do they have a ton of crafting videos, but there are also videos with tips and advice about living a crafty life. For example, if you know your craft room is getting a little messy, you can take a look at this video on ways to organise your craft room. Or there is this one about how to look after succulents and making a wall planter. While there isn’t as much to see on the YouTube channel, it is still definitely worth a look. We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with Brittany as much as we have!

So if you’d like to take a look at The House That Lars Built blog, please click here, and if you’d like to take a look at the YouTube channel, click here! You can also check out their Facebook for more updates, or follow their Twitter account!


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