Monday Makes – Shabby Fabrics

This week’s Monday Makes is anything but shabby! It comes in the form of Shabby Fabrics, a wonderful YouTube channel run by Jennifer Bosworth, that is dedicated to all things created by needle and thread or sewing machine. There are a few other crafty videos that aren’t to do with sewing on her channel, but if you’re a sewer or quilter, you’re definitely going to want to check this one out!

untitledAs soon as look at the list of videos on this channel, you’re instantly hit by a wall of gorgeous colours and fabulous patterns. Jennifer definitely isn’t one to shy away from bright and interesting fabrics, which is great, because we just can’t pull our eyes away from them! And we just can’t quite believe how many projects there are too. There seems to be one for every season, every occasion and every holiday, so you’ll never be short of things to make. We are absolutely head over heels for this stunning falling leaves block. It looks beautiful as a maxresdefaultfinished quilt! There are also tons of Christmas projects, like this Christmas wreath Dresden block, which could be added to a larger Christmas project. Whether you’re into sewing or quilting, there will definitely be something for you to look at. We also think you’ll find her background set up very satisfying. The way she stores those fabrics? To die for!

maxresdefault-1If it’s tips and tricks you’re looking for, Jennifer has you covered there too! She certainly knows her stuff when it comes to crafting with fabric, so you can find a range of videos that will help you get to grips. For example, there is a 4 part series on binding basics, so you can imagine how in-depth that will be.There is also an 8 part series on how to applique! This just shows how much detail Jennifer goes into when she is creating these videos. She doesn’t skip out on the minor instructions, and is so keen for you to learn or complete your project perfectly.

ayearinwords_websliderYou can really tell that quilting, sewing and crafting in general are Jennifer’s biggest passions because of the way she pays so much attention to detail. Not only that, but she is so friendly in her tone, that you just can’t help but watch multiple videos of hers. Honestly, we can’t understand why she doesn’t have more subscribers! Whether it’s quilting or sewing you love, you really need to take a look at her videos. Or if you’re into other crafts, you can check out her DIY videos, like this butterfly mobile or this no-sew wreath.

If you’d like to see more from Shabby Fabrics, please take a look at their Facebook or Twitter!

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