An Evening with No. 7


On the evening of the 21st November, we were very lucky to go along an evening with No. 7, which has been organised for us by one of our wonderful members, Margaret. We all gathered around the No. 7 area in our local Boots, and were treated to cups of juices and little cakes. I think it was just what we needed as the rain battered down on the roof!

So first of all, our amazing hosts, Julie, Helen and Cheryl, gave us a little background about No. 7 as a brand and their products. Did you know that they’re a totally hypoallergenic brand? That means everyone should be able to wear their products!


When the group was asked who would like to volunteer to have their makeup done, Bernice couldn’t wait to put her hand up! She excitedly hopped on to the seat, and the ladies got to work.

They removed Bernice’s makeup first of all, before applying moisturiser and primer. Each product was passed around, so we all got to “ooh” and “aah” over each thing that was applied to Bernice’s face.

Next up, her skin was colour matched. This was something that I think a lot of people were looking forward to seeing, and it was really interesting to see how the machine worked. It takes a picture of your skin and matches it to one of the No. 7 shades. For each shade, there is a little card that shows all of the products that will work best with that shade, such as lipsticks and blushers. It’s a really fascinating process! Helen selected a foundation in Bernice’s shade that would work for her skin type and applied it with a brush.


After applying many other products, such as concealer, finishing powder, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadows and blusher, it was time to top off the look with just a little mascara, followed by lipstick. Keep still, Bernice! We don’t want you to get poked in the eye while we’re having such a good time!


And here is the finished look! She looked and felt a million dollars! We all clapped as Bernice came to show us all her new look, and we were so impressed by Helen’s skills.

Afterwards, we were given the time to shop around the No. 7 stands and even have our colours matched! We were also given goodie bags and a raffle was drawn, which was very exciting.


We’d had such a great time and learned a lot about skincare and makeup with plenty of laughter in between. A great big thank you goes out to Julie, Helen and Cheryl for hosting us, and to Margaret for organising the event. And of course, thank you to the beautiful Bernice for being our model!


If you’d like to take a look at any No. 7 products, you can head down to your local Boots shop or take a look at the website. You don’t need to book to have you skin colour matched or have a makeover, so just pop into store!


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