Monday Makes – Seasons Of Joy

Christmas is quickly approaching (seriously, isn’t it about 5 weeks away…), so this weeks Monday Makes is totally themed around Christmas and we’ve found the perfect blog to share for it. Seasons Of Joy is authored by the lovely Brenda, and although it is rarely updated, it is a real treasure trove of festive crafts! Whether you love sewing, papercrafts, quilting, or kitchen crafts, there will be something for you on this blog.

twelve-days-of-creative-christmas-2011-099You can really tell that Brenda’s blog is centred around Christmas, thanks to its gorgeous layout. With a whole ton of green, white and red, it’s really not difficult to see that this lady is crazy for Christmas! Not only does it have a beautifully festive layout, but it is also very easy to navigate. There are several buttons you can press at the top, but you can also scroll down the page to see the different categories on the site. There’s loads to choose from, like papercrafts, quilts and patterns, and home decor.

etsy-cupcake-pin-cushions-197So, if you’re looking for something to create this season, this is definitely the site to look at. There are all sorts of Christmas goodies on here, like these Christmas topiaries if you want something for your front garden, these sweet vase decorations, or this easy table runner that can be made to fit any occasion! Seriously, if you want add a touch of DIY to your Christmas this year, this is the place to look for all sorts of projects and inspiration!

il_570xn_197883332Of course, not all of us are mad about Christmas, but Brenda’s got you covered too. Yes, her blog is primarily dedicated to Christmas crafts, but there are also lots of other holidays that she creates projects for, like Easter, Valentines Day and Halloween. There are these cute and very easy Easter carrots, these retro pumpkins for alternative Halloween decorations that won’t go mouldy, and this collection of a range of Valentines Day projects. So you can create a little something for every occasion with Seasons Of Joy, not just Christmas!

We hope you’ll love this blog as much as we do. Sadly, we think Brenda has stopped creating and writing posts for it, but we still get to enjoy the content she’s already produced. All of her posts are fairly short, so they can be read very quickly. It’s certainly not too hard to just find yourself scrolling through and taking in all the little snippets she writes whilst looking at her gorgeous photos. Seasons Of Joy will definitely be the first place we look for some inspiration when it comes to crafting this season, and we think it’ll be your first port of call too!

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