Monday Makes – Tea and a Sewing Machine

After last week’s Christmas bonanza, we felt that we needed to share a blog that was a great all-rounder for any of those who are feeling a little Christmassed out. This week is all about Tea and a Sewing Machine, a gorgeous blog by Anna Wilson, that is designed to inspire and ignite the creative spirit in everyone. Seriously, just reading the about page has made us want to get crafting!

storage-boxes-gridAs you can guess by the name of the blog, Anna’s prime interest is sharing sewing projects and gosh, are there loads to look at! Her blog is very well organised, so you can find all of the projects by clicking the Sewing Projects, Tips and Techniques button, then selecting either Sewing Projects or Tips and Techniques. In both sections, you can find an array of posts to read and gorgeous photos to look at, like these great, quilted oven gloves, this amazingly useful wrist pincushion, or if you’re interested in making clothes, there’s a post on how to do so without a pattern!

If you’re brand new to sewing, don’t worry, Anna has got you covered. There’s a whole section dedicated to beginners with posts on the essential sewing kit, tips on how to make sewing projects easier, and how to take measurements for making clothes. With all these hints and tips, you’ll be set to go!

dried-fruit-decorations-wideIf you aren’t into sewing, you can find plenty of other crafts on Tea and a Sewing Machine too, such as crochet, jewellery making, and wreaths. She also has a huge section for Christmas projects, if you aren’t totally Christmassed out. We definitely need to give these dried fruit decorations a go, as well as this beautiful wreath! With so much to see on Tea and a Sewing Machine, you’ll find that you could sit and read it all day!

We really love Anna and her mentality, and we think you will too. She believes that everyone is born creative and talented, whether it be in sewing, scrapbooking, gardening, or even just making the home look beautiful, and it’s very infectious. She has a way with words that is so inspiring and her love for crafting really shows through her posts. So if you’re looking for a little boost in creativity or inspiration, Anna is the lady to talk to.

If you’d like to see more from Tea and a Sewing Machine, you can take a look at her Facebook page or her Twitter.

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