An Evening with Lewis and Cooper


On Thursday 24th November, we were treated a wonderful evening of food by Lewis and Cooper, the renowned food and wine shop in Northallerton.

First, we headed upstairs to the tearoom, where there was a Christmas buffet laid out for us. There was unlimited cups of tea and coffee, turkey and cranberry, ham, and cheese and pickle sandwiches, Christmas pie and two types of Christmas cake! We were really quite spoiled! The Christmas pie was to die for, and we’re sure that plenty of our members picked one up during the next part of our visit, where we given time to browse and buy from the shop.

There was just so much to look at, and every nook and cranny was filled with amazing things, like cheeses, tea, bread, and even flavoured icing sugar! You name it and they stock it. Our members had a great time browsing through the shelves and chatting to each other about the more exotic items.


It was a fabulous evening and many of our ladies left with very full bags (and bellies)! Many Christmas presents and treats were bought, so it was a successful trip to say the least. A big thank you goes out to Lewis and Cooper for hosting us, and we’d love to come back next year!


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