Monday Makes – Bloomtube

A craft that is often overlooked is flower arranging, this week, the Monday Makes is dedicated to it! We’re talking about one of our favourite flower arranging YouTube channels, Bloomtube, which is an absolute feast for the eyes. If you love flower arranging, are interested in starting or just love looking at flowers, this is a channel you should definitely check out!

flowerThe first thing you’ll notice when you take a look at Bloomtube’s video feed is that it is just so vibrant and colourful. There is a vast amount of gorgeous thumbnails to look at that will just brighten up your day, even if you don’t watch the videos! But if you do, you’ll learn a lot about how to arrange, which types of flowers look best with others, and so much more.


No matter the occasion, Bloomtube has an arrangement to suit it. If you’re looking for something just to decorate your dining table, there is this beautiful floral centrepiece. Or if you need a bouquet for your wedding, there is this stunning bohemian arrangement. Or maybe you need to give someone a gift, and for that, there’s this gorgeous autumn pastel bouquet. There really is something for every need and any season, so if you’re in need of some flowers, this is the place to look.


Aside from all the pretty flowers and vivid colours, the thing we love most about this channel is that the videos are all relatively short, with most of them around 2 minutes long. This means it’s really easy to get sucked in and watch a ton of videos at once – which is great if you’re looking for inspiration, but not so great if you have more important things to be doing. The videos don’t feature voiceovers, but they are usually filmed so you can clearly see how things are done. This, as well as the peaceful music, makes for a very calming watching experience, so these videos are also great if you need to relax.

So for soothing sounds, beautiful colours and all the flowers that you could possibly want, take a look at Bloomtube. If you’d like to see more from them, take a look at their Facebook page or their Twitter.

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