‘Our WI, Our Future’ Questionnaire Extended

Due to the poor response from WI members, the NFWI have extended the deadline for both online and hard copy questionnaire responses to the ‘Our WI, Our Future’ Questionnaire. You will now have until the 28th February 2017 to respond, so that is plenty of time to get your answers in.

You can find the questionnaire by clicking here, or if you’d rather use a hard copy, you can find it on pages 49-51 of the November/December issue of WI Life. You can return it using ‘Freepost NFWI’.

This is your chance to tell the NFWI what you think of your WI membership, why you joined, what you enjoy doing and what developments could help to make the WI everything you’d like it to be in the future. It isn’t necessary to leave your name and contact details, but there will be a prize draw.

These responses are urgently needed, so please do make sure you find some time to take part! Your voice matters and you can really make a difference to the WI’s future.

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