Monday Makes – PuddingFishCakes

You may have looked at the title of this Monday Makes and thought, “PuddingFishCakes? That’s it, HVWI have finally lost the plot!” We may not have lost the plot just yet, but we are slightly losing our minds over this YouTube channel. PuddingFishCakes is a craft channel that is mainly dedicated to polymer clay crafts, something which we haven’t yet shared on a Monday Makes! It’s great if you’re looking to pick up a new hobby or make something incredibly unique this Christmas.

christmas-treeSo, one thing we really love about this channel is how unique it is. As we said, we haven’t shared anything like this before, as we mainly chat about all-round crafters, knitters, sewers, and a few mentions of things like papercrafts and flower arranging, but polymer clay is something we’ve never encountered before. But it looks like so much fun and there’s so many things you can do!


The possibilities really are endless. You can turn your clay works of art into anything, from tiny ornaments and keyrings, to jewellery and dollhouse accessories, making it the perfect craft to take up before Christmas. Of course, practise makes perfect, but if making tiny, adorable clay figures sounds like your kind of thing, definitely take a look at PuddingFishCakes! If you’re a beginner and would like an introduction to all things polymer clay, Helga, the lovely lady behind the channel, has a playlist dedicated to new starters. Once you’re a bit more experienced, you can try making things like these adorable pugs, this baby dragon, or how about a little apple pie?


Even if you don’t think you’ll be interested in watching videos about polymer clay, trust us when we say that you’ll find Helga’s videos very relaxing. There’s something so calming about watching someone make miniature things with soft music in the background. The colours of the videos are also really easy on the eyes, so it isn’t hard to get caught up in watching one video after the other. We just can’t get enough!


Watching these videos are a joy, not only because of all the things we’ve talked about, but also because Helga is so enthusiastic and excited to share her passion with the world. It’s so clear that she loves what she does, and we can’t help but smile as she expresses it. We always enjoy watching her create new things and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

If you’d like to see more from PuddingFishCakes, you can take a look at her Facebook and her Twitter.

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