Monday Makes – Want to start a new hobby in the new year?

Over the year, we’ve shared some really great sites, blogs and YouTube channels, all in the hopes of inspiring you to craft and create. With the New Year quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to pick up a brand new hobby and gather all the materials you need. But maybe, you don’t know where to start with a craft that haven’t tried before, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite crafts with some material for beginners!


Studio Knit How to cast on – a really informative video on how to start a knitting project. You can follow this up by watching the How to knit stitch video, and then the How to bind off video, to finish your project perfectly. How to knit: A complete introduction for beginners part 1 – this is a great video that tells you all you need to know about starting knitting. As you can tell, this is the first part in a series, so you could either just watch this one to get a taste or watch the series to get completely clued up.

WoolAndTheGang Top ten knitting tips – this video is packed with really useful hints for beginners.


The Crochet Crowd The beginners section – if you’re looking to learn about crochet and where to start, The Crochet Crows has a section dedicated completely to beginners. Once you’ve learned all you need, there are some beginners patterns you can take a look at, and there are also some video tutorials.

Simplydaisy How to crochet for absolute beginners: part 1 – as you can tell by the title, this is a video for absolute beginners, and part of a series, so there are more videos for beginners to watch afterwards.

Quilting and Sewing

Shabby Fabrics – Learn how to applique with Shabby Fabrics: part 1Shabby Fabrics have a ton of videos that would be perfect for beginners, so definitely take a look, but we thought we’d share this video on applique to get you started.

Tea and a Sewing Machine New to sewing section – we absolutely adore this blog, and this section is full of posts that give you all the basics on sewing, so you’ll be creating in no time!

Fons & Porter The Quilty series – Fons & Porter seem to have a never-ending supply of videos on their YouTube channel, but the Quilty series is all about beginners and giving tips. We’ve linked one about using a rotary cutter, but do have a look for more Quilty videos on YouTube.

Professor Pincushion Pretty much all of Tova’s videos – Tova is one of our favourite sewing YouTubers, so we recommend you take a good look through all of her videos. There are plenty for beginners, like this one about using sew-in interfacing.

Moda Bake Shop Bake Shop Basics – this section of the site is all about basics, like how to quilt on a budget, how to bind ends and organising your fabrics.

Polymer clay

PuddingFishCakesBeginner’s guide to polymer clay: introduction – if you’re interested in polymer clay, this video is a great starting point. It’s part of a 4 part series where you can learn all about different tools and how to finish your pieces.


Get It Scrapped – How to scrapbook – this page of the site is packed full of info to get you started with your scrapbooking project.

Life With Evi Beginner scrapbooking: basic tools and supplies – the lovely Evi provides you with a whole load of information on the basics of scrapbooking and the tools available.

Soap making

Soap Queen TV – Beginner’s soapmaking tutorial – this is a great video for learning how to make a basic soap, then you can continue on to the rest of Soap Queen TV’s channel to look at some more advanced recipes.


HobbyHotTips – How to: mosaic tile project (fast tutorial for beginners) – creating mosaics is quite an unusual hobby, but if you’d like to start, this is a great video to get to grips with the basics.

Jewellery making

London Jewellery School – How to make jewellery: tutorial for beginners part 1 – we love videos that are part of a series as that usually means there’s more to learn, so if you want to start making your own jewellery, you can watch the first part of this series for beginners.

FaveCrafts Jewellery Making 101: Tools and Materials – this is a handy video for building up your jewellery making stash.

Card making

Christina Griffiths – Basic card folds for beginners – Christina’s channel is dedicated to card making, so she has loads of videos that would be perfect for beginners. We chose this video about card folds for you to take a look at first, so you could get a look at the very basics.

Jamie Albanese – Basic cardmaking: how do I start? – for learning where to start with cardmaking, this is the perfect video.

Of course, there are so many other crafts that you could look into starting, like cross stitching, candle making, flower arranging and even origami, but we didn’t want this post to become too long!

If you’re looking for professionals to help you with starting a new craft, you can always look into going to Denman for a course. They even do courses in cooking and lifestyle, so there is definitely something for everyone. It’s worth taking a look at their course list for an idea of the kinds of things on offer.

We’d love to know if you’re starting a new hobby in the new year, or if one of your resolutions is to be more crafty!

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