Monday Makes – Creativebug

If you’ve been bitten by the creative bug and are looking to try something new, this may be the channel for you. The team at Creativebug don’t just upload a single type of video, like knitting or claywork, but instead, they cater to a range of crafts, so you can expect something new every time. From biscuit decorating to jewellery making, and paper crafts to crochet, this channel has it all, so we definitely recommend you have a look!


So this channel is for absolutely everyone. Here at HVWI, we believe that everyone has creativity within them, you just have to find the right outlet to let it flow, and this is something you could achieve with Creativebug. They have so many different videos to watch that feature an extensive range of crafts, so you may just surprise yourself! You might find that you really enjoy customising clothes, crocheting hair accessories, or dressmaking. The possibilities are endless!


Not only is this channel ideal for grown-ups, but there are also plenty of crafts that children can get involved with, so it’s great for scrolling through on a grey day. We think kids would love to get involved with bubble printing or making these adorable Valentine’s Day love bugs. But depending on their age, your kids may also like to make a pendant necklace or these beautiful floral headbands!


With so many gorgeous projects to look at and so many videos to watch, this is a channel that we’re sure everyone will love. We’re already itching to get down to our nearest craft shop! If that wasn’t enough, the team behind Creativebug are absolutely great and with every video, you can tell that the host is enthuasiastic and excited about what they’re creating. It’s really quite infectious!

If you’d like to see more from Creativebug, you can take a look at their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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