Monday Makes – Eden Makers

We’ll be the first to admit that while we’ve featured a range of crafts in our Monday Makes series, from paper crafts to knitting, and cross-stitching to polymer clay, we’ve really neglected the art of gardening. That’s why today is all about Eden Makers, a blog that is authored by the lovely Shirley, and dedicated to all things plants. But don’t worry, if you aren’t green-fingered, Shirley has plenty of indoor plant-related crafts to share too!

shirley-bovshow-garden-landscape-designer-expert-home-and-family-show-poinsettia-varieties-edenmakers-blog-e1417600332381There are so many sections to explore on this blog, but we’ll try not to go too overboard on this post and start with one of our favourite sections – container gardens. There’s something so lovely about having little terrariums dotted around your home, filling the space with life and energy. Shirley has got a ton of projects up on her site about creating container gardens, like this one about indoor hanging planters, as well as tips on what looks good and which plants work best indoors. If you’re a desk dweller, an indoor garden can really spruce up your work area and motivate you!

small-narrow-garden-bed-makeover-hanging-plants-arbor-bench-full-view-edenmakers-shirley-bovshowOf course, we can’t get enough of the garden crafts section, which is packed full to the brim of outdoor and indoor crafts. But not only is Shirley a big fan of gardening, she is also a lover of repurposing and recycling, so a lot of the crafts that are featured are made from things that you can easily find in the home. We love this man-eating Halloween plant! Or if you’re looking to add some chic decor to your home, take a look at this coat rack that doubles up as a plant holder. There are also centrepieces for every occasion, so definitely take a look if you want to dress up your dining table.

shirley-bovshows-ring-holder-bottle-twigsBeen thinking about giving your garden a facelift? There’s a whole section for that, with front garden, back garden and even gardens with no lawn. You’ll find plenty of inspiration and images that will just make you want to get outside.

To see more from Eden Makers, you can take a look at her Twitter!

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