HVWIs annual dinner

Last night, the 24th of January, all of us here at HVWI got together at Teesside Golf Club for our annual dinner. As our group walked into the dining room, we were overwhelmed to see that it was packed out with our members – some that had been with us for years and some that were brand new. What ensued was a night of great food, great conversations and great company.

The first thing we did when we entered the room was pick a card from a deck. This was our “raffle number”, and the best thing about it was that we were guaranteed a win! The lovely Bernice had been out and bought 52 prizes to match up with each card, so nobody walked away empty-handed. We then popped ourselves down in seats that had been saved for us, ready for our food to be served.

First up were the starters and we had a choice of homemade minestrone soup, prawn cocktail, melon with mango sorbet or brie wedges. It seemed that the popular choice was the brie wedges and it wasn’t hard to see why – they were incredibly delicious! I think plenty of our ladies would’ve been happy to just have a plate of them as a meal!

We got to have a little break between our starters and the main course, but as soon as the club staff started to bring the plates out, we were salivating. For this course, there was a choice of chicken wrapped in parma ham with a blue cheese sauce, braised steak with mash and root veg, pork or a vegetarian option, which turned out to be mushroom wellington (and looked lovely). We’re sure that every plate in the room was cleaned – everything was just cooked to perfection. We’re still dreaming about that steak!

The puddings were brought out very quickly after our main courses, which was a surprise. We thought we might’ve been able to have a little rest, but nonetheless, everyone tucked in to their yummy puds. There was a choice of raspberry and white chocolate roulade, caramel apple tart, toffee crunch or a cheese selection. Yet again, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a morsel left in anyone’s bowl!

Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we were able to enjoy our drinks and catch up with each other. (If you click on any of the pictures, they will appear larger, so you can have a good look and try to spot yourself!)

Before we drew the playing card raffle, it was time to announce the winner of the coveted urn – we were all so surprised when Pat’s name was drawn, as this is the second year in a row that she’s won it! Well done, Pat!

There were lots of little bits and bobs to be won in the raffle, and some of the prizes we saw were pens, notebooks, hand-held fans, exfoliating mitts and nail care sets, so there was a real mixed bag. But as we said, no one walked away empty-handed, so everyone was happy!


We had such a great night and we can’t wait for more events this year. Friendships were made and new members were brought into the fold, so we’d call that a pretty successful dinner. A big thank you goes out to the wonderful staff at Teesside Golf Club and the amazing members of the group that organised this dinner for us.

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