Monday Makes – Simply Daisy

Crochet is something that is often associated with “old people”, but Simply Daisy is here to tell you that just simply isn’t so! This lovely lady is showing the world that crocheting is a craft for all ages and all skill levels, so if you’re a crochet beginner or if you’re considering taking it up as a hobby, she is one to watch.

sunWhile there are only 26 videos on the channel, from what we can gather, Daisy is all about spreading her love of crocheting to beginners and helping people to get started with the craft. Many of her videos are simple tutorials, like how to crochet a granny square, or this one about crocheting hexagons. If you’re totally new to the craft, she made a video called ‘how to crochet for absolute beginners:part 1‘ that is packed full of great tips and easy projects. We definitely recommend taking a look!

blanketWe think it’s wonderful that someone is promoting the art of crochet to a younger audience, and judging by the comment section of her videos, Daisy has already managed to get plenty of people started. Crocheting and yarncrafting in general have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, reduce or postpone dementia, and help with restlessness, among many other benefits. So it’s definitely a craft that more people should consider taking up or teach!

grannyDaisy’s channel is still relatively new, so there aren’t too many videos on there, but she has still managed to capture the hearts of thousands, thanks to enthusiasm and easy-to-follow tutorials. We can’t wait to see more from her in the future, and we hope that she continues to flourish!

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