Monday Makes – Ceramic Arts Daily

Ceramics is quite an unusual craft, but there have definitely been times where we’ve looked at a beautiful piece of pottery and though “I wish I could make something like that!” Inspired by this, we’ve decided to share one of our recent finds with you, Ceramic Arts Daily. This is a channel dedicated to the art of creating ceramics, so if you’re interested in pottery or find deep satisfaction in watching a piece form beneath someones hands, you should definitely check it out!

handWe would say that this channel is aimed at people that already have experience in ceramics, but don’t be disheartened if you’re a beginner! There are plenty of videos on the channel that don’t require a wheel and just a few basic tools, so these are definitely the most beginner-friendly videos to look at if you’re wanting to give ceramics a try. Have a look at this cute little jack-o-lantern or this insightful video on sculpting a hand.

paintIf you’ve attended classes or even have your own wheel, this channel is a treasure trove of inspiration. There’s videos on creating basic shapes and ones that are slightly more advanced. There’s tons of painting videos and tips on how to get your desired finish. There’s even a video on how to use cheap craft store foam to create interesting textures – it’s well worth taking a look! So if you’re in need of some ceramic inspiration, this is definitely the place for you. You could gain so many ideas by watching a few videos that’d be perfect for solo crafts or as part of a group if you take part in pottery classes.

createWhat we love the most about this channel is that the hosts are so full of knowledge on the subject, and they seem to have the answer to almost any ceramics question. They’re visibly passionate about creating gorgeous ceramic art, which really shows, and they’re all so great at being on video! Their instructions and tips are detailed and in-depth, so you can easily follow along at home. The videos they create really are a ceramics-lovers dream!

If you’d like to see more from Ceramic Arts Daily, take a look at their Facebook page or you can take a look at their site.

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