Monday Makes – Amy Tangerine

With a name like Amy Tangerine, who could resist this YouTube channel? Through her videos, Amy shares her love for creating and trying to get her viewers’ creative juices flowing, particularly around scrapbooking and journalling. She covers many more craft areas, as well as making more lifestyle videos, so come and take a look at her world! She’ll have you wanting to live your best creative life in no time at all.

pantA lot of Amy’s most recent videos really appeal to the hidden artist within us. She does a lot of work with brush lettering and watercolour, creating beautiful images and quotes that would look perfect hung up in any room. Here’s a really relaxing video where Amy uses watercolour brush lettering to create an inspiring quote – the voiceover alone just makes us want to go out and buy a set of watercolour paints! She also has some really great videos on bullet journalling, a new trend that is sweeping the web. Take a look at how she plans hers!

sewWhile these types of videos and lifestyle, follow-me-around videos dominate her channel at the moment, many of her older videos look at scrapbooking. If you’re into scrapbooking or interested in starting a scrapbook, take a look at her video on how to scrapbook for newbies. Who’d have thought to sew a picture into a scrapbook?! Or have a look at this one that she uploaded on national scrapbooking day!

paperWhether you want to learn about brush lettering, find some new creative ways to scrapbook or just get those fuzzy feelings in your belly whilst watching a devoted mum make lifestyle videos with her child, you have got to check out Amy Tangerine! Not only are her videos informative and gorgeous to look at, but we just find her so relaxing to watch. Her voice is just so soothing and she always has the most inspirational things to say. She really seems like such a wonderful lady and we kind of wish we could make her an honorary member!

If you’d like to see more from Amy Tangerine, please check out her Facebook page or her Twitter.

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