Monday Makes – Peacock & Fig

Cross-stitching is not always easy to grasp, but with this week’s Monday Makes, it can be! Today, we’re talking about Peacock & Fig, a YouTube channel that is dedicated to beginner’s cross stitch and making the art easier to understand. It’s also great for cross stitchers that would like a little bit of inspiration, or anyone that wants motivation to pick up their Aida and threads again!

cakeCross-stitching is an art form that has been around for centuries, but it has definitely become a lot more popular recently thanks to online stores like Etsy and Folksy, where people can sell the things they make. Peacock & Fig is a great place to start for beginners that have been inspired by this trend and are looking to make their own pieces. There are tons of videos that are aimed at newbies, such as these tips you should consider before starting a new project or this video about the key materials you will need.

treeThis channel isn’t only for beginners, however, as there are plenty of videos that have been created to inspire and to share hints or tricks.We love this video about how to cross stitch faster (seriously, who knew?!) and this one about how to design your own cross stitch patterns on the computer. There’s plenty to see and learn from Dana, the owner of Peacock & Fig, so you should definitely take a look, even if you are experienced in the craft!

birdWhat we love the most about this channel is the way that Dana makes everything seem so simple and achievable. She goes into detail about how to achieve certain things and positions the camera to show her working very clearly. It’s so obvious that she’s passionate about the art and sharing it with others, especially newbies, which makes it a real joy to watch her videos.

If you’d like to see more from Peacock & Fig, you can take a look at her Facebook page or check out her Twitter.


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