Monday Makes – Soap Queen TV

Soap is something that we all use, but have you ever tried making your own? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you need to check out Soap Queen TV. Anne-Marie will guide you through the steps and ingredients needed to create your own beautiful bathtime products, and if soap isn’t your thing, trust us, she makes so many other products that you might fancy taking a look at!

honeySo as her name suggest, the Soap Queen is amazing at making bars of soap, but they aren’t any ordinary type of soap! Each of them include amazing ingredients or have some kind of crazy colouration, which makes scrolling through her videos very exciting. For example, just take a look at this rainbow heart soap! We also love this swirled aloe vera soap. Not only does Anne-Marie do fun and exciting soaps, she also makes soaps for specific people and for specific purposes, like this gentle oatmeal soap that is perfect for babies, and this charcoal soap that is designed to be used on the face.


If you aren’t interested in soap, don’t worry! The Soap Queen also does a bunch of videos that are totally unrelated where she creates other bath products like scrubs, bath bombs, lotion, lip balm and even shaving foam! Honestly, this channel is a real treasure trove of beauty, bath and skin product DIYs! This orange and poppyseed salt scrub sounds like it would be divine, and this face mask/scrub would be amazing for your skin. This would also be a great channel to look at if you need some inspiration for homemade Mother’s Day gifts (it’s quickly approaching)!


We could spend hours scrolling through Anne-Marie’s videos and taking in all of her stunning products. Watching her videos, it’s clear to see that she’s super clued up on the craft and she is sure to give detailed descriptions of what she’s doing. Plus, she doesn’t skip over the product measurements, so everyone watching is certain to make perfect products every time! She’s so enthusiastic about creating these bits and pieces, and we kind of want to fill our bathrooms with them all. Whether it’s gift inspiration you need or you just want to treat yourself to some homemade goodies, this is the channel for you.

To see more from Soap Queen TV, take a look at her Facebook page or her Twitter. You can also check out Bramble Berry, the online soap supply store that she owns!

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