AGM 2017


A huge thank you to everyone who turned out for our AGM this week ! Always a lovely evening, this is our opportunity to reflect on the year that has been and remember all of the highlights, as well as electing our committee and President.

As ever, we had a thorough financial summary from Treasurer Judith Nellist, reflecting the great job she has done in managing our money and maintaining a healthy baance into the new year. Secretary Margaret Roberts recalled our myriad of speakers and this was echoed by President Christine Porteous as she thanked all of our members and volunteers for their time and contribution during 2016-2017.

The committee was re-elected and welcomed Joanne Ainscough and Bettina Hodgson  too, so strengthening the Committee to nine members. Christine and Margaret had previously announced their decision to step down from the posts of Office having both served in these roles for six years, so after the foraml election process Caroline McHale was elected as our new President for 2017-18 ! Our congratulations go to Caroline with our very best wishes for her new role in the coming year, and of course our sincere thanks to both Christine and Margaret for their fantastic service during their 20+ years membership of HWI. We are so pleased that they are continuing on our Committee !

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