Monday Makes – Bella Coco

This week’s Monday Makes is all about crochet – a craft that is versatile, fun and great for relieving stress.The lovely Sarah-Jayne over on Bella Coco shows us all exactly how versatile it can be with her beautiful projects, as well as her beginner-friendly videos! Even if you aren’t into crochet, her winning personality and smile are worth watching for!


What we love about Sarah-Jayne is that she is so welcoming of newbies. There are plenty of videos that are perfect for total beginners, such as the individual videos that show you how to create each stitch. There’s this one about how to do the knit stitch or this one about the basket weave stitch. There are even beginner-style videos for left-handers, like this one all about crochet snowflakes! Everyone is included in the Bella Coco crochet world!

bowFor people that have mastered the different stitches, there are a range of videos that cover more advanced projects. We love this crochet Christmas stocking and this cute little basket that would be perfect for storing your crochet supplies! There’s a whole bunch of things to see and make, so definitely take a look, even if you are a beginner!


Many of the channels, blogs and sites we share are based in America, but Bella Coco is a UK channel, which means that you can easily nip to a craft shop and pick up supplies similar to hers! We could seriously watch her videos all day – she’s just that charming and friendly. Her personality really shines through and it just makes watching her videos all the more enjoyable!

If you’d like to see more from Bella Coco, you can take a look at her blog, Facebook or Twitter!

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