Monday Makes – GoodHousekeepingTV

We’re all very aware of the UK’s Good Housekeeping magazine, but did you know that there is an American equivalent? We’re not sure how we’ve got this far into Monday Makes without including them, but one of their YouTube channels, GoodHousekeepingTV, is the ideal subject to focus on this week! It’s full of DIY and craft videos, as well as content based around decor, upcycling and food. It’s a real feast for the eyes!

sweaterIf you’re into more stereotypical crafts, such as knitting or sewing, there’s absolutely loads for you on this channel. Have you ever tried knitting with chunky wool? Take a look at this video to see how to make a chunky wool sweater with GIANT needles. If you’d like to try something new, why not have a go at arm knitting an infinity scarf? For an intro into sewing, take a look at this easy sewing class for beginners! There’s so many other crafts, such as wreath making, painting and cupcake decorating, so give the video feed a good look through!

cake standAs the name suggests, there are plenty of homey crafts and home improvement content to be found on the channel too. For example, if you’d like to upcycle some furniture, take a look at this beginners refurbishing class video. Or perhaps you’d like to see a few decor DIYs? Or maybe you’re feeling totally crazy and want to upcycle some old cake tins?! There are plenty of home-related videos on here to suit everyone’s needs and tastes, so if you’re into home DIY, upcycling or decorating, check it out!

hatThis channel has very quickly become one of our favourites – we love the amount of variety on there and the team are an absolute joy to watch. It feels as though everyone that makes a video on there just love what they do and can’t wait to share it with the world. There’s so much personality and charisma in each of the videos, and we can’t get enough! We’ll definitely be checking back for more videos in the future.

You can see more from GoodHousekeepingTV on their Facebook page and website!

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