Monday Makes – HandiWorks

On this channel, there is something for every type of crafter, whether you’re into hand embroidery, paper crafts or something totally different! HandiWorks has a ton of fun and beautiful tutorials for you to follow along with, resulting in some amazing projects. If you need a helping hand to get started with a craft, take a look!

flowerYou’ll notice that a lot of the videos on the channel are centred around embroidery, so if you’re into that craft, you should definitely look at the videos on offer. There are some stunning examples of embroidery work, with many that will appeal to both beginners and novices! If you’re a more advanced embroiderer, you might love these silk flowers or this gorgeous ribbon sunflower (even if you’re not a novice, you should check these videos out because they’re super relaxing). For beginners, there is a great video series on basic stitches and easier projects, like these lazy daisies.

quillingThere are plenty of non-embroidery videos too, so if embroidery isn’t your thing, stick around and see what else you can watch! If you love paper crafts, why not take a look at this stunning paper quilling video, or if you enjoy working with felt, this cushion cover will be right up your street. Or maybe you’d like to have a go at smocking, in which case you should have a look at this stunning pillow design.

smockingThis is such a fab channel that we feel like deserves a lot more love. Sections of each project are filmed in real-time, so you can get a good grasp on the techniques used and follow along at home. Each tutorial is made with so much detail – some even have little pop up annotations if the author has forgotten to include any information – so you can be sure that you’ll make perfect projects every time. This has quickly become our new favourite channel and we’re sure it’ll be yours too!

If you’d like to see more from HandiWorks, you can take a look at her Facebook or Twitter!

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