Annual Meeting Q&A

With the Annual Meeting on 7 June, the NFWI are planning some resolutions Q&A sessions on Twitter next week on Wednesday 3 May. They’ll be running two sessions – one during lunchtime from 1pm-3pm, and one in the evening from 6pm-8pm. Please tune in to ask any questions that you have about voting for resolutions, what to expect at the Annual Meeting, or anything you’d like to know about resolutions!

There will be members of the Public Affairs team ready and waiting for your questions – so make sure you tune in next Wednesday!

Both of the sessions will be running on Twitter, but if you would rather use Facebook and you’d still like to take part, please ask your questions below in the comments section of this post and the NFWI will answer them there, and then share your question and answer on Twitter to help other members. They’ll be using the #WIresolutions hashtag, so if don’t have any questions, you can just follow along!

You can find their Twitter feed here:

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