Monday Makes – Craftsy

The perfect things come in threes, right? That’s why we’re telling you all about Craftsy today, a channel run by a great group of people that primarily focus on three different crafts – quilting, knitting and cake decorating. If this sounds up your street, you definitely need to check this channel out!


On Tuesdays, you can expect to see videos on cake decorating from a variety of people, including Man About Cake. For things like mirror glazes, multiple tiers and gorgeous decorations, these are the videos for you! Check out this video about stacking cake using dowel, or this one about making cute owl toppers, or maybe this video about airbrushing and stencilling. Whether you’re an avid baker or someone that just loves looking at (and eating) cake, these videos are perfect for you.


Next up is The Midnight Quilt Show, which is uploaded on Wednesdays and is all about, you guessed it, quilting! All the quilters out there can indulge in videos of colourful blocks and quilt inspiration, like this one of the Scrappy On Point Triangle quilt (which has a free pattern) or perhaps you’re more interested in learning how to create meandering lines for backgrounds. There’s something for every level of quilter, so it’s worth a look!

knitLast, but certainly not least, we have Off Our Needles, the knitting show that is uploaded every Friday. We absolutely love these knitting videos, as they’re presented in a chat show sort of format, which makes them extremely easy to watch and enjoy. The hosts will chat and knit, talking through the steps you need to take to achieve the product. Take a look at the Sockageddon video to get a better idea of what we mean!

We absolutely love the variety on this channel and we’re pretty certain you will too! The group of people that make the videos are all so charismatic and fun to watch, that we just can’t get enough. To see more from Craftsy, you can take a look at their Facebook page or their blog, where you can find many tutorials and patterns for other crafts.

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