Monday Makes – Hobbycraft Blog

We all know and love the craft superstore, Hobbycraft, but did you know that they have a blog? On it, you can find a whole ton of inspiration for a range of crafts, so there’s something for absolutely everyone! With a range of posts about projects for beginners, tutorials, makes of the month and so much more, you definitely won’t be short of content to read.

finalIf you look at the image above, you’ll see a horizontal list of all the crafts that this blog caters to, including sewing, papercraft, art and even school projects, which just goes to show that there is something for people of all ages. By hovering over the words in that list, you’ll be able to open an even more extensive choice of crafts. For example, by hovering over sewing, you’ll be able to then go into quilting, needle felting, embroidery and more! We’re definitely not short for choice!

0494_HC_2017_EASTER_042When it comes to posts, we could sit here all day telling you about them all, so it’s best if you just head over and take a look for yourself. For example, take a look at these crochet projects. You’ve got everything from how-to posts, meet the maker and lists of more seasonal projects. Each section has got tons of posts just like this, so you could definitely enjoy a cuppa and slice of cake whilst endlessly scrolling. We particularly love this starburst cushion, this floral Mother’s Day cake, and this easy and trendy geometric box. There is so much to be found on this blog, so it’s definitely worth digging through.

0421_HOBBYCRAFT_EASTER_2016_019Each post is written so clearly that it’s really quite hard to go wrong. In the tutorials and how-to posts, you get to see a list of all the equipment and materials you need, along with a set of clear instructions on how to go about making the item. Along with the gorgeous photo, you’re bound to make perfect pieces every time!

You should definitely take a look at the Hobbycraft blog, no matter what craft you’re interested in. You may find that you want to start a new craft and then you can pop into store to see what kind of materials they have to help get you started. To see more from Hobbycraft, you can take a look at their Facebook or Twitter.

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