Are you ready for My WI ?

One of the latest NFWI initiatives, My WI is a new dedicated WI membership site and will be available to members in just a few days time ! From the latest NFWI information and advice for running a WI, to campaigns actions and inspiring cookery, craft and floral design projects that have been specially designed for members – My WI is a one-stop-shop for everything a WI member needs to know.

The site was launched at the NFWI Annual Meeting on 7 June and members will be able to access the site starting from next week. On 12 June an email will be sent to each member with a registered email address. By following the steps outlined in the email to create a secure ‘Digital WI’ password members will then be able to use their account to access both the MCS and My WI.

All the membership news, campaigns actions and projects on My WI are exclusive and provided as an additional benefit to help members get the most from the WI. Having a login means only members can access them. The Moodle will continue to be used for training purposes.

The NFWI have also published a leaflet to help members get the most from technology and the internet whilst maintaining safety and protection. Staying safe online is jam-packed with advice and helpful hints that we are sure members will find useful.

If you don’t receive your welcome email on Monday or have any problems logging in to My WI please let us know !

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