A couple of updates from the NFWI

Over the past few days, we’ve had a couple of exciting updates from the NFWI. The first is that My WI is now live! From this Monday (12 June), WI members with an email address registered on the MCS have been able to log on and enjoy the exclusive membership information, special-interest projects and activities on the site. Please check your email inbox for instructions explaining how to set a password that will give you access to both the MCS (Membership Communications System) and My WI. If you haven’t yet received the email, please ensure you have an up-to-date email address registered on the MCS. You can ask our MCS Rep or Secretary to check for you.

The second is the results of the review that the NFWI have been conducting to improve the resolutions process. Feedback has been received from members, WIs and federations, and the NFWI has already made a number of changes and improvements for next year. Much of the feedback received concerns the timings at shortlist stage, which for many WIs does not currently allow them enough time to consider the resolutions. In response to these concerns, the NFWI has decided to pilot an alteration to the timings for shortlist stage for the 2017/18 process. This change will allow the most possible time for members to consider resolutions at shortlist stage and aims to allow more members to engage in this important stage of the process. For a detailed breakdown of how this process will work, please click here!

Both of these updates are a great sign for the future of the WI and we’re excited to see how both My WI and the new resolutions process work out.

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