Wallflowers, reticules and the upper crust !


Caroline and Bettina, representing our WI, kindly accepted our invitation to join the Hartburn Townswomen’s Guild for their 72nd birthday celebrations yesterday, and what a party it was !

We were joined by the two Sheilas representing the Hartburn Afternoon WI and treated to a lovely supper of ham salad and indulgent desserts, including a very moreish chocolate cake. This was closely followed by a rendition of Happy Birthday and then the President  cut their delicious fruit cake.

Our members may remember the wonderful presentation once given by Maeve Nattrass on ‘That Woman Wallis’, so you can imagine our delight when she appeared to talk to us about the Pride and Prejudice Regency period way of life and attire of the day. Maeve did not disappoint and we were soon giggling away as she recounted tales of dandies, the language of the fan and the contents of a lady’s reticule, as well as the origins of terms such as wallflower and the upper crust.

It was a pleasure to be able to come together with friends to celebrate another local institution – many thanks to HTG for inviting us along and long may you continue !


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