Barmy animals and bad, bad girls!

The past couple of weeks have been busy ones for the ladies at Hartburn Village WI – we went to not one, but two Crossing The Tees events!

imageChristine and Judith attended the first event, which was Julian Norton – The Yorkshire Vet. They hurried into Stockton Central Library where they were treated to a Q&A session with the renowned vet and found out all about his daily activities, what it’s like to film his Channel 5 show and the books he’s released. Not only does the vet take care of family pets, he also looks after farm animals, like newborn lambs, and has even castrated a herd of alpacas! You can imagine how much of an interesting session this was!

704A8194The second event, History Wardrobe’s Bad Girls & Bonnets – Jane Austen’s Guide to Being Brazen, was attended by six of our ladies, and they had an absolute blast! We fell in love with History Wardrobe after seeing them perform at Judges in Yarm, so we knew we were in for a treat. This was a solo show from Lucy Adlington and we learned so much about the bad girls from the 18th century through her story-telling and costume changes. Not only was it fascinating to see the clothes of the era and learn the history, but it was also a great laugh! We definitely recommend going to see the History Wardrobe’s talks the next time they’re in town – you won’t regret it!


Both events were absolutely fabulous and we’re a bit sad that we didn’t book tickets to more shows! We’re looking forward to hopefully many more Crossing The Tees festivals in the future.

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