Monday Makes – Macramé

852a52898927f1870b0a0918737ce4b0--macrame-wall-hangings-macrame-curtainWe can’t believe we’ve never spoken about this craft before on our Monday Makes series, but today is finally the day! If you’re active on social media, you may have seen a lot of videos of people creating wall hangings by knotting and weaving different fabrics together. This is called macramé and it is believed that it’s a craft that has been around since the 13th century. As we mentioned, it’s currently a very popular way to create wall hangings, but it is also used to make other ornamental pieces and even jewellery. If you’d like to learn more about this craft, are interested in taking it, or maybe you’re already an expert on the craft and would like a bit of inspiration, then please take a look at the links we’ve gathered below!

How to tie the basic knots of macramé – this is a great video to start with if you’re a total beginner!

DIY macramé tutorial: How to craft a wall hanging for beginners – again, another video that’s perfect for beginners that shows you through a really simple but gorgeous project.

DIY macramé necklace – this necklace is such a stunning statement piece and you’ll be so proud to say that you made it yourself!

Macramé wall hanging dream catcher with feathers tutorial – here’s a beautiful project that would make the perfect gift. Plus, you don’t need any sort of loom or bar for this, just a piece of driftwood!

Macramé plant holder – this article features a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a hanging plant holder to bring a modern feel to your space.

Simple macramé bracelet tutorial – in this video, you’ll be shown how to make an easy-peasy bracelet. It’s the perfect project to do with kids!

18 macramé wall hanging patterns – this article has a bunch of links and images of a range of wall hangings, so if you just want some inspiration or you’d actually like to try and make one of the projects, everything you need is right there.

Macramé tapestry tutorial – this wall hanging has a totally different look to the more common types, so it’s definitely worth taking a look!

10 steps to becoming a macramé master – this article features a range of techniques that are key on your macramé journey, so whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you may learn something new.

Macramé plant hanger for beginners – suspend your plants by making one of these super easy plant hangers!

Macramé is extremely popular right now, so a quick Google search or on YouTube will bring up an amazing amount of results, so if you don’t fancy taking a look at any of links we’ve shared, we’re sure you can find plenty of other material.

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