A trip to the past at Beamish

Last Saturday (8th July), 22 of our members headed on down to Beamish Museum to visit their 50s weekend event, and what a great day they had!

The weather was absolutely glorious and all the ladies were impressed with the effort that the museum had gone to with making everyone feel like they were back in the days of rock ‘n’ roll, teddy boys, Pathé News and petticoats! Many of the other visitors had also dressed in 50s style for the occasion too!

Our members enjoyed looking around the museum, taking a trip down memory lane, as well as getting involved with the 50s festivities. They got to see some clothes from the era, explore the shelves of the 50s toy shop, learn about the introduction of NHS immunisations at that time, remember major news stories and occasions from the decade, and listen to some brilliant live music. There was even a parade of prams, including beautiful, vintage Silvercrosses!

It was such a fab day and every single one of our members had a great time. Whilst the 50s event isn’t on every weekend, Beamish has extended opening hours until October 30th, so you should definitely visit this summer!

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