Monday Makes – Annika Victoria

As the wonderful young lady that runs this channel says, if you learn how to DIY, you’ll have an unlimited number of ways to modify your wardrobe, so you’ll never have ‘nothing to wear’ again! Annika Victoria is a channel dedicated to clothing alterations, DIY clothes and thrifting, so it’s ideal for those of us that are handy with a sewing machine or that are looking to save a bit of money when it comes to fashion.

skirtOne of our favourite series’ that Annika has on her channel is Make Thrift Buy, which is where she is challenged to create a replica of something that is currently popular in the fashion world. Usually, her results are pretty fab, like this jersey side split skirt that she made! While that skirt is lovely and easily customisable, some of the projects in the series are just downright strange, like these clear knee jeans or this clear vinyl skirt. But there are plenty of other more wearable clothes, like swing dresses and the square circle skirt.

dressAnother great series on the channel is The Style Pile, where Annika finishes or adjusts clothes that she has stashed in her pile. This is a fab series to watch if you want a bit of inspiration on bringing life back to old clothes or changing one piece into something totally different. Some of our favourites are this cardigan transformation (which also has some great embroidery inspo), this dress that needed some added length and this shirt to a two-piece transformation.

jeansIf you aren’t all that confident with sewing or creating your own clothes yet, never fear! Annika uploads heaps of videos about sewing that feature no sewing at all, like this one about her 8 sewing essentials. her opinion on handheld sewing machines, as well as lifestyle bits and bobs, like thrift hauls. There’s something for everyone on this channel, so we definitely recommend taking a look!

If you’d like to see more from Annika Victoria, you can take a look at her website, her Facebook page or her Twitter!


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