Monday Makes – Crafts For Kids

It’s the time of the year where all the kids are on their school summer holiday and constantly complaining that there’s nothing to do. Well, we’ve put together a list of great a8920b091cb8491f24522a49558374fevideos and articles to help give you some craft ideas that they can get involved with. As always, we’ve included a range of resources that will appeal to a variety of ages.

DIY play dough (Non-toxic, no cooking) – who remembers play dough? Kids will love making up their own colours and getting creative with the dough they make.

Blow painting with straws – this is a very fun, arty craft where every piece of work comes out different!

Bubble painting – on a similar wavelength to the blow painting, this rainy day activity will allow kids to produce unique pieces of artwork.

6 DIY school supplies – older kids will love making their own stationery at the end of the school holidays, ready for going back to school!

Paper plate dream catcher – this is an extremely easy craft where kids can get creative with decorating an item for their room.

Ladybird painted rocks – these little rocks would make the perfect gift!

Melted crayon art – this is a project that older kids will enjoy doing, involving melting crayons on a canvas for a colourful drip effect.

DIY balloon bowls – another fab and colourful project for older kids!

DIY yarn orbs – these orbs are simple to make and would look gorgeous attached to a string of fairy lights.

Tree button art – if you’ve got an ever growing stash of buttons, let kids go wild with them and decorate a tree!

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