Monday Makes – Heart Handmade

Whilst thinking about what we could share on this week’s Monday Makes, we realised that we hadn’t shared one of our blog favourites in quite a long time. Blogs are a fab place to find great articles and photos because it all feels very personal and friendly to read, so with that in mind, today we’re talking about Heart Handmade. It’s difficult to put this blog into one category, so carry on reading to find out all about it.

8The first thing we have to say about this site is that it’s stunning. We love the soft pink colour theme and the floral header. Tie those in with all of the gorgeous photographs and you’re left with something that is so pleasing to look at! It’s also very easy to navigate, as there are headers and buttons in easy-to-find places all over the site that take you exactly where they say they will. Absolutely anybody can look through this blog with ease!

decoupage-tea-cup-plantersSo on to the crafting aspect of this blog. If it’s tutorials or how-to’s that you’re after, then there is a button on the site’s header, just below the title image. By hovering over it, you’ll open a drop-down menu, where you can click to see DIY projects, craft cafe tutorials (which are crafting tutorials to you and me) and even articles on craft storage. What’s even better is that there isn’t a craft that Claire, the author of the blog, leaves out. You can find posts on crochet, stencilling, recycling, sewing, decoupage and so much more! It’s a real treasure trove of crafting articles, so make sure you take a good look.

hand-lettering-practiceSomething else that Heart Handmade is great for is journaling and planner resources. We could spend ages looking through all of her planner-related articles, learning how to colour code and fill our pages beautifully, but there are also more practical posts around the subject, like how to improve your hand-writing and this list of resources to help you learn how to hand letter. We’ll be creating gorgeous planners and journals in no time at all!

What-you-need-to-applique-tea-towels-project-by-Ayda-Algin-for-Handmade-Happy-Magazine-2014-via-hearthandmadeukNot only is this blog great for all of these things, but Claire also has a real passion for helping others to sell their crafts online and promoting craft blogging. If selling your handmade items is something you’ve been interested in, take a look at her article on tips for Etsy selling or this one about managing your time better to make more room for crafting. If it’s blogging about crafts that takes your fancy, then Claire has a whole other site where she shares her tips and tricks on how to get started.

If you’d like to see more from Heart Handmade, then you can take a look at her Facebook, Twitter or even her YouTube channel.

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