Monday Makes – Modern embroidery

895df852e222997e2dc034a0c5d07173Embroidery has had one of the biggest comebacks over the past couple of years, with shops being full of embroidered clothing pieces, patches becoming trendy again and home decor featuring a threaded theme. While all of these items are great to buy, they’re also fun to make, so we’ve put together a few bits of inspiration to help you get started on your latest modern embroidery project.

Experimental hoop art – hoop art is pretty huge right now, as it’s so easy to hang an embroidery hoop up on a wall, and this hoop is filled with samples of different stitches. There’s no tutorial to go with it, as every hoop is unique!

Hand embroidered medal patches – patches are so trendy at the minute as they’re perfect for making a piece of clothing unique. These little medal patches can be customised with any words or phrases you like, making them perfect for you or as a gift!

How to hand make a patch – this video is really informative about how to make a high quality, professional-looking patch with equipment that you can buy at a craft shop. Of course, you don’t have to make a pizza patch – just draw any design you want!

Floral hoop art inspiration – flowers feature heavily in modern hoop art, and this post has several pictures that will get your floral inspo creativity flowing.

DIY cacti t-shirt embroidery – this is a super simple design that absolutely anyone can do! All you need is a black t-shirt, some felt, threads in colours of your choice and a needle!

Single colour negative space embroidery – this type of embroidery features a blank space surrounded by a single colour, creating a stunning effect.

Zenbroidery – this quick video talks all about zenbroidery, the art of free form stitching. It combines modern colouring books with stitching to produce amazing, colourful artwork.

Embroidery against black cotton – for a super striking look, try using black cotton when creating hoop art!

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